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Bali Who? Bali What? How To Achieve Natural Sun Kissed Streaks.

So you’re thumbing through your favorite magazines admiring various celebrity hair colors (i.e. Giselle Bundchen). How do they achieve natural sun kissed streaks through their hair?

In most cases it’s a technique known as baliage. Baliage is a French term used to describe the freestyle technique of creating natural, hand painted, stra- tegically placed highlights or lowlights. In French, Le Balayage means strands of color. Baliage, being free form, means it can be done chunky or subtle, where as foil is usually done in a more me- thodical pattern. This technique is amazing on wavy or curly hair because it can be precisely painted to certain strands in the exact curl or wave pattern. In most cases baliage will give a bit of a more natural look be- cause it’s done finer at the scalp and thicker towards the ends. Baliage highlights or lowlights requires less maintenance, giv- ing you more highlight for your money. Baliage is great on short hair, eliminating the stripy or spotted look.

Ok, so now you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this done at your salon. This technique was big many years ago and has made a recent resurgence. If done improperly, it could leave the hair a mess. So, if you’re unsure whether your stylist does this technique you might want to seek out a stylist that is well versed in it. Foil highlights can achieve a natural look as well, but baliage takes a true artist.

Is your highlighted hair start- ing to look like a blonde single process? Have some lowlights baliaged to give contrast and texture to break up the look of a single process. We baliage men’s hair all of the time as a lowlight; introducing some of a guys original color back into his grey hair, turning back the clock and keeping people wondering just what you did to look so amaz- ingly refreshed. We actually use this method on men every day in the salon, and in most cases even their wives can’t tell. So men, if you’re reading this and you want to look at least 10 years younger, ask your stylist to Baliage away the grey. This won’t leave you with the tell tale signs that you color…no more shoe polish look. Start thinking spring fling hair and entertain baliage as your next highlight or lowlight.

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Mark Hasche on NBC Miami’s South Florida Today

Mark Hasche appeared on NBC Miami’s South Florida Today with Shiri Spear and gave the dish on the best and worst hair that walked the Red Carpet for the 2011 Golden Globes. Find out which stars rocked it, and who ended up on the Worst Hair list.

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Peter and Mark Style Paula Abdul

Peter and Mark are back in Florida after styling the beautiful and talented Paula Abdul for her new show, Live to Dance, and various press appearances, including Regis and Kelly. Check out a few of the pics below. Is she gorgeous or what?

Mark, Paula Abdul, Peter

Mark on Set with Paula Abdul

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