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The PeterMark Salon graces the pages of magazines like Elle and Atlantic Ave on a monthly basis. Here’s  sampling of publications you can find us in:

PeterMark Salon was named one of Elle’s Top 100 Salons in the country in 2011.

At our salon, we encourage people to recycle their feathers, or we offer a clip in version so our more conservative clients can let out there weekend freak, and then head back to the office on Monday without their secretaries being any wiser.

The life of the Delray Divos can only be described in one word: whirlwind. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! This past weekend…was also a great example of why we love Delray Beach so much!

The owners of PeterMark Salon are known for their celebrity hairdos and a client list that includes the likes of Paula Abdul . But recently they have also become known for their community involvement.

She [Paula] really wants something fun and free and youthful,” says Mark. “She’s on a cast with some women that she’s double their age and she really holds her own up there!

Clients of the PeterMark Salon range from stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs and teens, to musicians, performers and celebrities. While our local client base is huge, we also serve clients in New York City, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles and all over the world.

PeterMark’s float “Born This Way,” titled after Lady Gaga’s recent hit single which will be heard playing on the float, will be featured in the parade.